We equip our staff with productivity tools that enable efficiency. We use an agile system to complete tasks from a priority perspective so we can address what’s important to your business first while providing support on foundational tasks.



CRM Software Management

Our staff are experienced and adept with common software management systems. Although all these systems are based on the same concept, our fast-learning staff have been trained to grow and become experts of the systems that you utilise. 


Lead Management

We understand that each business has its own way of managing leads to become business opportunities. We will help you with organising your contacts, tracking their journey and behaviour and help to finally usher them to the end of the funnel for you. You set the directions and we take the lead.

Enquiry Response

All customers start with enquiries and first impressions last. That’s why we have trained our staff to stand at the door of your business, address their initial enquiries and have their needs met as they become your paying customers.


Order Processing

Part of our job is to streamline this process with you while we fulfill your customers’ orders on a daily basis. We’ll identify the gaps and fill them to establish ease of service and liaise with your logistics or service team so we can recommend better ways to deliver.

Online Chat Reception

We have platforms available at your disposal and we have staff to man the stations for you. We’ll start the conversation, lead them to answer the right questions and get those needs met until they’re ready to sign up.


Client Communication

How many times have you been bogged down just addressing queries in the middle of the night? We understand how important and urgent all client communications are. We’ll handle the conversations with your clients throughout the day and report the progress to you in an orderly manner before the day closes so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Issues Resolution

We’ll work with you in creating resolution scenarios for the most common challenges of your business and build processes that would help you avoid these scenarios again. As you scale up your business, new issues will rise. Rest assured that our knowledge from tackling the initial issues in your business will give us clues on how to resolve the bigger ones.


Database Maintenance

Sometimes the easiest tasks are the most tedious ones. Leave it to us to organise your contacts with appropriate description fields. We’re also intuitive so we’ll definitely find out the essential fields to capture in order to build intelligence as you grow your database.