Set yourself free and get your time back by leaving the tedious accounts, bookkeeping and invoicing tasks to us.




This is one of the most simple yet crucial tasks we do for a business. We ensure that your financial records are organised so it will be easy for you to track and address your finances. We also report on what are the common items in your books and provide you quick analyses to raise the right questions on doing your business.


Accounts Administration

Your job is to keep the finances flowing for your business, ours is to make sure receivables and payables are addressed in a timely manner. In some businesses, both ends of financial activities could be a challenge. We take care of contacting and managing clients and vendors expectations for you.

Transactions Processing

We believe that the system is only as good as the person behind it. We have staff who are adept at transaction processing systems with the skill and experience to improve your current processes in different areas that each transaction is touching up on. From inventory, to order entry, to accounts payable, receivable and even payroll. We’ll work on the systems you have put in place. If you’re still doing it manually, we’ll be the muscle behind it.


Invoice Processing

Slow approval, incorrect archiving and disconnected documents are only some of the challenges if your invoice processing is not correctly in place. We will get on top of organising these tasks so you will receive your payment on time and have all of these encoded in your system the right way. Don’t think it’s daunting, we will go with you in building processes to keep all your invoices on a straight line.

Payments Management

Efficient systems for payments are crucial to the lifeblood of your business. We have staff that have grown their skills in managing payment systems and if you don’t have one yet, we’ll build a most efficient way of addressing payments and have them through to you at the end of billing cycles. We’ll find ways of establishing cash flow margins so your business floats as you scale it up.


Receipt Transcription

Yes, there are systems that can already do this but reconciling the receipts are still one of the most tedious tasks a growing business must face. Having the peace of mind knowing that somebody is making sure that these are taken is one heavy burden off your back.

Accounting Software Management

All finance activities should be solidly established in your accounting software so tracking expenses and revenue should bring fresh insights into managing your cashflow. The role of the person behind this is to ensure that the system should allow for as little to no human error possible. Our proficiency in all aspects of accounting will stack all your financial activities with order and efficiency.


Auditing & Discrepancy Resolution

Ensuring that all your finance activities are in order is the foundation of correct accounting processes. Auditing and Discrepancy Resolution is checking that your processes are working the way it should be. We extend our service to resolving discrepancies when there is a need to clarify with a vendor or a client.